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It goes without saying that this is a private blog, and as such, material posted herein is subject to the discretion of the principal author/owner of the blog. Nonetheless, this is a site that allows viewer/reader commentary, as it is deemed that reader/author interaction may contribute to a user-friendly atmosphere that is pursued on this site, and to provide an outlet which would impart some degree of flexibility to the integrity of disseminated content of this site, to the extent that gap is filled where there may have been informational oversight or else, modify and set the record straight where deemed necessary.

In view of the above mentioned, it is important to note that viewer/reader commentary on this site is treated as a privileged... NOT a right. What this means, is that potential viewers/readers are strongly encouraged to express themselves as if they were adults, and rational at that.

Contrary to some beliefs, it is possible to disagree with an idea without demeaning, disrespecting or engaging in the character-assassination of the bearer of a message. Anonymity in the world of the internet is undoubtedly one of the pillars that make it perhaps the world's only truly democratic social apparatus, but it is also this same quality that makes it attractive for personalities to abandon civilized conduct, and instead partake conduct they know they would otherwise not dare undertake in in-person situations.

What this site is Not:
This is NOT a "discussion forum"; there are places on the net that function as such, with their respective guidelines for such. This means that the primary responsibility of the author(s) of this blog is that of an author—i.e. publishing blog posts, not assuming the role of a "moderator" as so erroneously described in some outlets. Consequently, those who are not able to apply themselves to the most basic of expectation, as already outlined above, will lose their privilege to comment or speak their minds about a topic...without any hesitation from the principal author of this site; to the extent that one is able to comment anyway through various sock-puppets, violating posts will be swiftly deleted...and at that, possibly even without ever being completely read by the owner/principal author of this site! Generally, posts are swiftly skimmed for any hint of violation, before getting a green light for complete and attentive reading that potentially warrants any reply or publishing on the blog. Henceforth, one should consider oneself warned!

This site has not been developed with a view to creating fanfare or winning "popularity" contest against other blogs in the blogosphere; that sort of thing is left to the aspirations of the other blogs. Rather, content here is geared primarily to inform, not to please or seek approval of any of the competing ideological camps (e.g. loosely formed nationalist support groups, as usually found in internet forums) over another.  In so far as traffic is monitored, it is done so with the intention of gauging whether information is getting out there to any degree and to determine what sort of topics are most sought out, so as to tweak blog postings sufficiently enough to become search-engine "friendly" and get them on the radar of the likes of Google, Yahoo, etc

Topics here range from biological topics, in the form of molecular genetics and skeletal analysis, to history, social and geopolitical analysis, each complex in their own right. To those who so choose to available themselves of such information, the hope here is that they find an informative gem somewhere in these analyses. This is the audience that the author of this blog appeals to, and not too preoccupied by ones outside of it, since it is understood that it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. Therefore, pleasing individuals though a desired outcome, is not a primary focus of this blog; a small step towards stamping out disinformation, ignorance and total blackout on African matters, willful or otherwise, however remains high priority!

Now onto the Disclaimer:
Although comments may be published, this does not mean that the owner/principal author of this site endorses an idea carried in a comment. A comment may make it to the comments-section on the mere grounds that the commenting party had an opinion on a blog entry, and that the delivery of such comment did not violate the minimum expectations that come with the privilege of commenting.

Having a comment published on this site is NOT a rubber-stamp for approval of the message carried in the comment, or its endorsement thereof!

Sometimes, as time and/or personal interest permits, the owner/author of this site will reply to a comment, and a such, only then is the author liable for what is contained in said author's own message; nothing more or less.

On another note, it has come to the attention of the owner/author of this site that information from this blog have been used or reappeared elsewhere, generally without any acknowledgement or credit to the source (which would be this site, of course). Although the "property-rights" owner in this case has not made any attempts to "copy-right" the property (in this case, ideas broached first on this site, with or without open acknowledgement by potential readers/viewers) or publicly scold those who rip information off of this site, primarily for the sake of free flow of information, readers/viewers are simply asked to do the right or just thing, and give credit where due, whenever using information contained in this site for their own personal benefit or advantage. Other people may or may not be aware of one's action to the contrary, but oneself will be aware of oneself's abuse of the privilege of reading/viewing on this site!

Hopefully, the matters visited upon herein will clear any doubts about expectations that come with any potential usage of this site. It is the site-owner/author's hope that potential viewers/readers will enjoy what the site has to offer, if not informative!

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