Wednesday, October 4, 2017


This site is currently undergoing an overhauling effort, in order to renovate several entries that now have broken links in them due to, for example, the sweeping action of imageshack, which decided to destroy an entire storage of images; an event which warrants a lesson to be learned, no doubt. 

As there are many entries, i.e. outside of the more recent [and unaffected] ones, there is no telling how long the overhauling process will take, but the intent is to have it done as swiftly and as smoothly as possible, while not losing track of publication of new material. Some entries, as viewers will learn, may go well beyond simple restoration, with a substantial amount of new material being integrated into them, as determined by the inflow of newly-acquired referential data or corroborating evidence, or rectification of an oversight in retrospective, and as made allowable by leisure time. 

As the overhauling takes effect, some entries will temporarily be inaccessible or out of view, in which case, viewers may come across such notices as " does not exist". The advice here, is to not be discouraged by such uninviting notices, but rather, check back at another time (several times, if necessary), as the site will not have been technically dissolved, but placed under restoration. To give the advice reinforcement, the present author will post notices on newly restored entries in the Developments page (located near the top of the blog, or for mobile device users, a window providing a choice list entry for pages to visit may be triggered by clicking on "Home" near the top of the blog screen), particularly those modified with either "high-value" new material and/or with a considerable amount of new material. On that note, viewer/reader patience is highly appreciated!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Interesting! ~ The Time-defying Property of Controversy around Racialism

 Back from a hiatus!


This is the first of what will from here on out be a series of commentary on "interesting" items identified both in and out of the internet world; hence, accommodation of the word "Interesting! ~" in the header.

Similar sub-categorizing of blog articles had in fact already been undertaken on this site, albeit without official acknowledgement of the kind...until now, of course; few perceptive observers might have noticed a trend, however. A good example of this is what has been termed, "Knowledge-base Tool Kit", which primarily deals with topics that are supposed to be either well known or ought to be well known, but are usually not. Said sub-category of entries thus serves as a tool kit that could potentially be used as a gauge for observers' knowledge base, mainly at a basic level, and hence offer potential expansion opportunity for such a base where necessary. One can expect other sub-categorizing to come up in future, if and when deemed necessary, thereby supplementing the examples offered above.