Friday, February 24, 2017

Interesting! ~ The Time-defying Property of Controversy around Racialism

 Back from a hiatus!


This is the first of what will from here on out be a series of commentary on "interesting" items identified both in and out of the internet world; hence, accommodation of the word "Interesting! ~" in the header.

Similar sub-categorizing of blog articles had in fact already been undertaken on this site, albeit without official acknowledgement of the kind...until now, of course; few perceptive observers might have noticed a trend, however. A good example of this is what has been termed, "Knowledge-base Tool Kit", which primarily deals with topics that are supposed to be either well known or ought to be well known, but are usually not. Said sub-category of entries thus serves as a tool kit that could potentially be used as a gauge for observers' knowledge base, mainly at a basic level, and hence offer potential expansion opportunity for such a base where necessary. One can expect other sub-categorizing to come up in future, if and when deemed necessary, thereby supplementing the examples offered above.