Terms and Conditions of Use

Contrary to some potential thinking out there, this site has not been developed with a view to creating fanfare or winning "popularity" contest against other blogs in the blogosphere. In so far as traffic is monitored, it is done so with a view to gauging whether information is getting out there to any degree and to determine what sort of topics are most sought out, so as to tweak blog postings sufficiently enough to become search engine "friendly" and get them on the radar of the likes of Google, Yahoo, etc. This is not a discussion board and so, the primary responsibility of the author of this blog is that of an author—publishing blog posts, not assuming the role of a "moderator" as so erroneously described in some outlets. Yes, comments are allowed and the function exists as a privilege, not a right. Comments are generally allowed as long as criticism or otherwise is done in a calm, level-headed and respectful manner. "Anonymous" comments are now not possible, thanks to abuses by commentating posters. Contrary to some mindsets out there, it is more than possible to disagree without carrying oneself as a juvenile without home training. To this end, comments that are determined to violate this minimum expectation of conduct are readily rejected without reservation. Although posts here can be referenced and used in discussion outlets littering the web, this is not a discussion board!  In fact, that is the other primary goal of this blog; to archive information, and use them in discussions when and where necessary. It absolves one from having to constantly re-write the same material time and again.

Topics here range from biological topics, in the form of molecular genetics and skeletal analysis, to history, social and geopolitical analysis, each complex in their own right. To those who so choose to available themselves of such information, the hope here is that they find such information intuitive. This is the audience that the author of this blog appeals to, and not too preoccupied by ones outside of it, since it is understood that it is impossible to please everyone all of the time. Therefore, pleasing individuals though a desired outcome, is not a primary focus of this blog; a small step towards stamping out disinformation, ignorance and total blackout on African matters, willful or otherwise, however remains at the top of the agenda!